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estoy muy interesada en el tipo de musica que escuchan los jovenes en america central/sudamerica/mexico. me quiero mejorar el espanol y cuando puedo encontrar musica en espanol que me gusta, me ayuda mucho. :)

i don't know if i said that all correctly as my spanish isn't that great, but what i tried to say was:

i'm really interested in the kind of music that young people listen to in central/south america/mexico... i want to improve my spanish and when i can find music in spanish that i like, it helps me a lot. :)
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you can listen to the latin stations on Pandora for free.

juanes is popular. Mana is an older band but I love them. fanny lu.

I am obsessed with Julieta Venegas. I would recommend her most because her lyrics are easy to understand and follow along.
I've been listening to Pistolera a lot lately. Technically they are from Brooklyn, but their music is heavily influenced by Mexican folk music and most of their lyrics are in Spanish.

Two other favorites are Los Amigos Invisibles and Los Aterciopelados.
In my opinion, Caetano Veloso is the greatest of Latin American performers. He's fairly old now, relatively speaking, but he's always managed to tweak his music enough to adapt to the current trends, while still maintaining a sense of traditional Latin American style.

I would also recommend Los Aterciopelados, they're kind of on the fringe (or at least they were when I last lived in Mexico), but as far as contemporary Latin Rock music goes, I can't think of a more creative group.
I agree with Juanes' music (though I am partial because he is my favorite) Also, Maná is great. I know that in El Salvador the younger (teenage/twenties) crowd listened to a lot of Reggaeton (Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, etc) and Bachata. Also, if you can stomach it Ranchera and Duranguense (certainly not my choice, but is widely listened too) is very popular in Mexico.
What others have suggested. Although my personal experience is that people in general (regardless of speaking English or not) listen pretty heavily to the same kind of rock we do here. Ask me about my trip to a local rock club in Campo Grande Brazil which turned out to be listening to a band doing Dave Matthews covers in Portuguese.

Otherwise, El Institute Mexicano del Sonido is a good choice. Maybe also checking out the Monterrey scene? That's a big hotbed in Mexico of bands.
Carlos Vives, Julieta Venegas, Cabas, Cafe tacuba, Kumbia Kings, David Bisbal, Bacilos, just to name a few.

Let me know if you want more!