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Hello!  I'm looking for info on Guadalajara, Mexico,  and surroundings.  I'll be there to entertain myself for a couple of days before my friend meets up with me (and he's from there, so he'll have some ideas, but we have differing interests so I thought I'd get the opinions of some other folks!)

What would you check out, apart from the big historical sights downtown?  I'm very much interested in what's going on with the young folks there- politically and socially.  Are there any radical bookshops/infoshops or cultural centers?  Where do the political types hang out- neighborhoods/cafes/schools/etc?  Good venues for music or poetry?  What about queer hangouts (particularly women- not too interested in hanging out in boy bars/cruising spots!)?  And, anything just generally interesting and relatively easy to get to. 

Thanks for your help!!

I'm going to attempt a version of that in Spanish- please excuse my errors.

Hago muchos errores- disculpa!

Estoy buscando informacion de Guadalajara, Mex., y lugares cercanos.  Voy a estar por alla sola por 2 o 3 dias antes de la llegada de mi amigo (quien es de Guad., y tiene unas ideas, pero tenemos intereses diferentes entonces pensaba de preguntar otra gente por sus opiniones!)

Aparte de los sitios historicos al centro, que debo visitar?  Estoy interesada en que pasa con la juventud- politicamente y socialmente.  Hay algunos librerias radicales o centros culturales?  Donde estan los tipos politicos- barrios/cafes/universidad/etc?  Hay lugares buenos por el musico o poesia?  Lugares donde pasan tiempo los gays jovenes (mujeres en particular)?  Y cualquiera cosa interesante en general?

Muchas gracias por su ayuda!
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