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enrolling in school/working in a spanish speaking country

I am a current upcoming Junior in college getting a double major in Spanish and doubling it with either Anthropology or International Relations. I basically just want to end up preferrably living and working in South America. I know it's not as simple as moving down there, with lots of paperwork,etc. and I really don't want to just end up teaching english. I'm thinking about the reality of after graduating here, moving down there and enrolling in school and majoring in something more technical, business-like or psychology perhaps, and useful to start a career in the continent that I love. I'm thinking of either Spain, Argentina, or Chile for the school part.
Does anyone have any experience with this, or have any friends who have done this? I'm basically just at a mid-college crisis needing some guidance and not wanting to end up teaching Spanish here or teaching English in another country.
Thanks for any help.
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