Aiko Yoshida (bonanzajelybean) wrote in latin_america,
Aiko Yoshida


Oh hello!

I am currently sitting in my lovely Chiang Mai hotel room with my partner and 14 month old child. We are so full of travel itch that being here instead of Canada is not satisfaction enough, so I have already begun planning next winter's trip to South America. What? Shouldn't I be templing or getting massaged or something? What can I say, I live in the future.

I'm looking for information on driving through Patagonia. Specifically we would like to rent/buy a vehicle and camp for at least a month. I want books/websites/blogs that tell us about:

- where to rent or buy a vehicle and the approximate cost
- specific campsites and how much they cost
- what gear to bring
- personal accounts of this journey

Us West Coasters are also more than familiar with long term 4x4ing, rustic camping conditions and first aid requirements for isolated areas, so we have a slight idea of what's potentially in store for us and we're aching to get to know it.

Also, I'm thinking we will mosey around Peru, Bolivia and Chile while we'e in the neighbourhood. All with a two year old! There must be at least a few thousand others who have done exactly this (minus the two year old...), and I want to know all about it.

p.s. Anyone need advice on traveling with a baby? I can help you out. It's not nearly as insane as it sounds. Well, for the most part...
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